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May 27, 2021

#6: Enchanting New Mexico

When I got to New Mexico I found the scenery to be utterly breathtaking. There were miles and miles of the desert surrounded by huge mountains of clay and sand. I saw colorful birds and wild cacti growing. Before leaving on this journey, one of my friends informed me that if I see the cactus growing wild that I should not touch them or disturb them, so I am proud to say that I did not!

A Little A'Le'Inn!

I knew that I would pass through this state rather quickly, so I stopped off to refuel the Prius that I had affectionately named Rocinante. Upon exiting the gas station, I observed a burrito truck with several pictures of aliens painted on each side. This caught my attention and made me wonder if I would be passing anywhere near the infamous Area 51 and the Little A'Le'Inn restaurant on my journey.

I decided to ask the gentleman working in the truck. He was a short stout man with an olive complexion and round harry potter glasses. I parked the Prius alongside his truck and I walked up asking him for a “dirty water dog” which is a hot dog in New York City style. He told me that he did not have anything except burritos. I then pointed to the sign of the green alien and I inquired “where is the alien and how can I find it?” He replied by pointing to the alien and then to himself. He said in broken English, “I am the alien.”

I then clarified myself by reiterating my question and asking, “where is Area 51 and the Little A'Le'Inn?” He replied again by saying “It is here and that you have found it! I am the alien, and I am the martian whose picture is on the truck. My name is Martian from 51.” He said it convincingly while pointing to himself as if he believed it to be true. I found that a little bit disconcerting.

At this point, I figured that we were having a miscommunication, so I asked him where the other aliens are still in hopes of getting some directions to Area 51. He proclaimed that he is the only alien and that there are no others. Although I felt a small obligation to make a purchase, I was a little weirded out over the alien stuff and felt funny taking food from someone who calls themselves an alien from Area 51. I thanked him for his time and left.

NEW Editor’s Note:
While in New Mexico, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Navajo Nation Indian Reservation. I met some young people around my age, and we spoke about the culture and the customs. One of the young ladies explained to me how she carried on her mother’s and grandmother’s tradition of making clothes and jewelry by hand. I thought that was utterly amazing and I admired her craftsmanship and the detail that she put into her work.

We had lunch and then I was invited to see some of the petrified trees that were thousands of years old. That made me wonder what other fossils and artifacts there were to be found. Upon asking this question, she showed me some of the larger fossils that her family had collected in the desert.

Holding the ancient fossils and knowing that the transitional object belonged to a time and place from the ancient past serves as a reminder to appreciate the beauty and majesty that nature beholds. I then went to Albuquerque New Mexico where I stayed the night before traveling onward to Arizona.

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