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May 26, 2021

#5: The Lone Star - Texas

For many people, Texas brings to mind cowboys, oil, and Dallas. It is a vast independent area that is powerful in its own accord. I always knew that Texas was different from the other states and I enjoyed watching TV shows about living in Texas.

I often wondered why so many residents of California have left and migrated to Texas. As I drove through stopping for coffee, food, and spoke with the locals, I experienced what makes Texas special.

The air is vibrant with the strong sense and smell of nature which is abundant. The people, much like a wild mustang, appear independent and unrestrained. With that sense of independence is happiness that exudes through their mannerisms. Texas is different and it is bigger.

Cow Boys Still Exist

I drove past the famous Big Texan Steak Ranch where they offer a 72 oz steak. Unfortunately, I arrived 15 minutes after they closed. Although I don’t think I could have eaten the 72 oz steak, I would have enjoyed an 8 oz porterhouse or T-bone since I do consider myself a connoisseur of sorts. I’m sure that the meal would have been very good coming from such a well-renowned restaurant.

Question ❓
Could a girl my size eat that Big Texan Steak like others have done on YouTube? Well... maybe. Perhaps if I am hungry enough. I guess we will find out the next time that I pass through Texas because I still plan to give that a try! Even if I can't finish the meal, attempting to do so would be fun :)

While such a meal would be expensive, I never consider the money spent on fine food to be a waste. This is because if I buy a t-shirt or a sweater, eventually that will get worn out and discarded, yet the memory of an incredible meal is something that a person can carry with them throughout their life. Having a fine steak is something that can be savored and then compared to previous meals as well as those that will follow. Most likley at some other point in the future, I will have an opportunity to taste their cuisine.

The Famous Cadillac Ranch

Along my trip, I have been stopping at various locations for photo opportunities. This reminded me of several years previously when my sisters and I would travel around various neighborhoods for geocaching. This is equally exciting and maybe more so!

A tight time schedule does not provide me with the opportunity to stop at every sight that I would like to see. With that, I have to make careful choices and decisions so that I can adhere to my itinerary.

In Texas, there is a special tourist stop called the Cadillac ranch where Cadillacs are sticking out of the ground and people are permitted to visit and spray paint their names. From what I understand, it is a very busy place during the day. I happened to arrive there around midnight so there were no cars or people in sight. I shined my flashlight and saw the Cadillac’s sticking up from the earth in the distance. I decided to get a couple of quick pictures, so I brought my flashlights, my iPhone, and my tripod.

It was a long spooky walk through a strange sand path that was surrounded by barren fields of dirt on either side. Fortunately, no one else arrived at that time and I got my pictures before making a hastily retreat. It probably would not have been as spooky in the daylight however that added to the ambiance and the excitement of the moment.

Teen Migration

I then stopped for gas at Love's prior to stopping at my hotel for the night. I like to have the car gassed up and ready to go in the morning. As I was pumping the gas, I observed two cars with California plates parked next to each other that were overloaded with luggage on roof racks. Two teenage girls exited their respective cars and briefly chatted before taking off their shoes and standing barefoot on the asphalt. They then hopped back in their cars and reclined their seats in order to get some rest.

One of the girls had bright red hair and a flowery spring dress which seemed out of place in such an area. The other young lady was dressed more appropriately for this setting in jeans, a t-shirt, and a hoodie. I wondered if they were fleeing California seeking a new opportunity and beginning in Texas as many people have done over the past few years.

I thought that it was really nice that they were traveling together as a team helping each other not too dissimilar than early pioneer travelers may have done. They felt safe in the presence of each other. This is something that they would not have experienced as a single teenage girl parked in a Love's truck stop overnight. At this moment, I admired their strength and determination.

I know that such a bold move on their part is something that requires fortitude and resiliency. It is really nice to know that such a spirit still exists in America post-pandemic. Was this spirit born out of necessity or ambition? Those two motivating factors are very different, yet ultimately end with the same result.

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