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May 20, 2021

#1 An Instagram Worthy Road Trip! 🔥

This blog site is where I will document my road trip across the country through route 66 (or what's left of it) in search of discovering how America has changed post pandemic. I will be sharing my journey from Pennsylvania to Seattle Washington where I will be completing my software development engineer internship at Amazon.

This journey is both professional and personal. While this journey is an attempt to discover America, I very well may discover myself. Buckle up and follow along as we embark on this journey!

Spoiler Alert!

When I was 16 years old I wrote a diary and I named it “Diary of a Sixteen Year Old.” I have been working on it off and on for about two years. It has some absolutely hilarious and intriguing experiences. I am going to salt and pepper my blog with some of my 16-year-old diary entries as a way for us to reflect on and learn from my past experiences while applying them to my current environment. It will also spice things up a bit because, as we all know, 16-year-old writers can be very high spirited lol.

From Lake Wallenpaupack PA to the Pudget Sound WA 🆕

The first stage of my journey is finding adventure through leaving what is familiar. One thing about living in a one-horse town, such as Milford Pennsylvania, is that it provides me with a certain degree of control over my environment. Always graduating at the top of my class while having been elected president of many clubs, groups, and local organizations had made me a large fish in a small pond so to speak. This pond being Lake Wallenpaupack PA. It is time to experience a larger pond and for that I have chosen my destination to be the Pudget Sound.

One consideration is, what exactly happens when a fish leaves the lake and dives into the brackish abyss of the Pudget Sound? The answer will unfold within the journey.

Forgoing such a change brings the risk of becoming stagnant and stifled in personal growth. Everything here is familiar to me, and I have learned how to be successful in this environment. Embarking on an adventure where I am traveling to the unfamiliar involves giving up a certain degree of control while replacing that with an acceptance of experiencing the unknown.

I expect that I will experience nature in all of its profound beauty and perhaps encounter a new way of life. My heart is telling me to follow my bliss, listen to myself, and achieve my dreams. I feel that all too often, people do not achieve their fullest potential simply because they listen to naysayers who tell them what they ought to do, should do, and are expected to do. Living a life which fulfills others’ expectations has a way of stepping on the toes of individual aspirations. That puts restrictions on living life to its fullest and embarking on new journeys.

Getting Ready to Leave

Earlier today I took my world map down from my bedroom wall and placed it on the floor of my room. I then plotted out the course that I intend to take and the attractions that I would like to see. I carefully planned this trip over the past several weeks.

I know everything that I need to bring and do, so now the question comes about which is: what could possibly go wrong? Let’s hope nothing! I cleaned the car, filled the tank with gas, and packed it like a sardine can. Things would have been great if I could have only brought a few more suitcases, but I am going to make do with what I have. I could always pick up more necessities along the way if need be. One thing that I can guarantee my readers is that this is going to be exciting and fun! :)

Me and Rocinante my faithful steed!!

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